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Making the most of your life & experiences journal.


Chapters are journal entries. These can be any moment or event in our lives, big or small. Draft a Chapter for hanging out with friends, going to an event, meeting someone new, a conversation with a Connexion, or for any reason at all. Privately tag these shared experiences to a Connexion. Upload photos or videos to form long-lasting memories. Plus, reminisce on these incredible experiences in your Chapter feed!


Connexions are people that make up your life –social, professional, friends, relationships, family, and more. In the app, you can import their information from your iPhone contacts (they are not notified), assign them to Chapters, jot down important details about their life, and group them into Circles. Over time, you’ll build a journal of life events you shared with your Connexions. 



Group your Connexions and visualize your relationships . Create new Circles based on locations, relationships to you, board game friends, tennis buddies, work colleagues, or anyway you’d like! Remember your Connexions by how you know them, or from where.



Manage your timeline. Seamlessly switch between your Calendar and a feed of your Chapters, seeing your memories expand over time. Relive your experiences and watch as you & your Connexions’ relationships grow stronger. 



We all want to connect better with friends & family, more than just video chats and text messages. We’ve curated a list of resources to empower your conversations and help friendships and relationships grow stronger. Here’s to a more thoughtful you. 



Each Connexion you add comes with default categories where you can add important information you want to remember about them, such as birthdays, locations, where they work, or relationship to you. Plus, add any others you want! Favorite movie? Anniversary? Never forget a detail again. 


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