5 Exciting and Fun Fall Outdoor Activities for Adults

Woman standing in yellow trees doing fall outdoor activities

When the air gets crispy and the leaves are changing, you’ll start wondering, “What’re the best fall things to do near me?!” We won’t let this season pass you by, so we’ve rounded up fun, original fall outdoor activities for adults!

We all know and love the classic fall activities, like visiting a pumpkin patch, eating caramel apples, and taking a fall hike. Even though those are wonderful, let’s mix it up and put a spin on our favorite fall classics!

The best part?!

When your fall adventures are finished, you can upload and organize all your pics right in your Connexions app! That way, you won’t lose your fav memories to your phone’s jumbled photo app (I’m guilty of this too!)

Alright, let’s dive into the 5 best fall outdoor activities for adults!

Coffee cup and red leaves on a book for fall activities

Fall Activities 1: Picnic potluck with fall food

Okay, I’ll be honest: this outdoor fall activity is totally inspired by some delicious looking fall food spreads I’ve seen on TikTok!

Let’s plan the party outdoors and turn it into a potluck, so you and your friends can make the most of the fall weather! Then, it’s one of the best fall outdoor activities for adults!

Sweeten it up with a brunch theme and ask everyone to bring a treat with their favorite fall flavor! If they need ideas, fall foods you can suggest are

  • Apple cider donuts
  • Pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls
  • Baked apples with cinnamon oatmeal filling
  • Pumpkin cheesecake bars
  • Chai spiced sugar cookies
  • Pumpkin pie with pecan crumble
Pumpkin pie on a picnic blanket for a fall outdoor activity for adults

And don’t forget to bring the fall picnic vibes with cozy blankets, extra flannels, and apple scented candles!

Fall Outdoor Activities for Adults 2: Color Photo Hike

When I went to college in upstate New York, our number 1 outdoor fall activity was bundling up in scarves, sweaters, and boots to explore the local hiking trails.

There’s nothing wrong with a regular ol’ hike, of course, but focusing on something specific can completely change your perspectiveeven on a hike you’ve done a hundred times!

That’s where a color photo hike comes in! 

You and your hiking pals each pick a fall color, then it’s your job to find your color on the hike! Take pictures of everything you can with your color and make sure you get a group pic with everyone’s color featured!

Screenshot of fall activities in Connexions app

After your hike, cozy up with a couple of hot apple ciders and show off your fav pics to the group! Then, upload them into Connexions and use your color as the chapter title! Learn more about chapters in Connexions here!

If you don’t have easy access to hiking trails, then you’ll love the next outdoor fall activity for adults!

Fall Things To Do 3: DIY & classic fall activities

Of course, the classic outdoor fall activity is visiting a gorgeous farm and getting to pick & carve pumpkins, find your way out of a corn maze, and have a photoshoot on hay bales.

This year, let’s mix up that classic with the 1 thing all fall photoshoots need: matching sweatshirts!

Invite your pumpkin patch pals over in the morning to DIY matching fall sweatshirts! You only need a couple of simple materials to get started, then you’ll all have cozy sweaters to remember the day!


Some of our favorite fall sayings are:

  • Let the Gourd Times Roll
  • Happy Fall, Y’all!
  • Pick of the Patch
  • Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
  • Sweater Weather is Better Together
  • Welcome to Our Patch
  • Let’s Go Jump in the Leaves

Don’t forget to take plenty of pics pumpkin picking and corn mazing in your matching fits! Then, upload them to Connexions so it’s easy to find them later!

Printed fall photos are a great fall outdoor acitivity

Outdoor Fall Activities 4: Theme day with disposable cameras

It doesn’t need to be Halloween for you & your pals to dress up and hit the town for a day! Actually, that’s one of the best fall outdoor activities for adults!

No, I don’t mean dress up in your typical costumes (even though you could do that if you want!) Instead, pick a theme for everyone to dress inthis is also one of the great fall activities for couplesand get ready to explore!

Here are a few themes you can try out:

  • Dress as something based on the first letter of your name
  • Everyone picks a color to dress in
  • Moms & dads
  • 1920s (or another era!)
  • Pick an outfit based on a song title (then try to guess which song everyone dressed as!)
  • Dress as your favorite fall food

Before you start exploring, there’s one more spin we’re adding to this fall themed activity: disposable cameras! 

As Moira Rose (Schitt’s Creek, anyone?!) would say, “In this digital day of discontented disconnection,” it’s always fun to throw it back to the pre-cell phone days. It’s also the best way to soak in all the fall magic!

So, stop by your local CVS or Rite Aid, pick up a few good old fashioned disposable cameras, and spend the day exploring your town through the lens of your new camera! 

Themed outfits + funky vintage pictures = the perfect fall day, amiright?!

Finally, top off the fall themed activities’ goodness by placing the developed pics on a few colorful leaves, then use your phone to get really cute digital copies of them! Which, of course, will be the perfect addition to your Connexions chapter for the day!

Fall Activities 5: Nature mandalas

I first learned about the magic of nature mandalas when I worked at a hippy-dippy camp in college (the kids were always arguing about what kind of bird sounds they heard… too funny!) Once the campers filled me in on how to make them, I was hooked!

Honestly, they’re an even better fall activity for adults!

Nature mandala made of leaves as a fall activity

To make a nature mandala, all you have to do is:

  1. Round up your favorite fall buddies and pick a nearby park or hiking trail
  2. Walk around and collect materials—a cloth tote would be perfect for this— like pebbles, leaves, small twigs, dandelions, and anything else that catches your eye
  3. Choose a flat area for everyone to spill out their materials and get to work
  4. Put your favorite item in the center, then use the others to create circular patterns around it that get larger and larger
  5. Snap photos of you & your friends’ finished nature mandalas and upload them into Connexions!

Mandalas as an art form have a super interesting & important history too, so get inspired to make your own by reading about their significance here!

Colorful leaves, twigs, and dandelions are the prettiest (and cheapest) materials to craft with, so it’s definitely fun to devote a day to using them in your outdoor fall activities!

There are plenty of fun fall activities that’ll get you out of the house and into that crispy air we all love this time of year! Gather your friends for fall food picnics, color photo hikes, DIY sweatshirts, theme days, and nature mandalas to enjoy the season to the fullest! 

Don’t forget to add a chapter for each one in Connexions, so your pics, people, and memories are always organized!

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