6 Fun, Special Indoor Things to do with Friends in Winter

Friends gathered over a cozy dinner with warm lighting for a fun thing to do with friends in winter

When the winter blues start to hit, it’s time to gather your friends and get creative! Whether the cold wind or COVID are keeping you stuck inside, we’ve rounded up the 6 most unique things to do with friends in winter!

These indoor winter activities for adults are cheap, versatile, and fun for everyone! And, no worries, you don’t need to go in the snow for any of them- except to get to your friend’s house!

Grab your coziest clothes, favorite hot beverage, and get ready to fill your winter calendar with these fun things to do with friends in winter!

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Friends playing jenga as a winter activity

1. Things to do with Friends in Winter: Board game tournament

Are you & your crew fans of friendly competition?

Then a board game tournament is perfect for y’all! Ask everyone to bring their favorite board game, get cozy in someone’s living room, and let the games begin!

There are a few ways you can set up your tournament:

  • Take turns as a group playing each game together
  • If you have enough people, make it a true tournament with a bracket and tiers for each person to get through
  • Split into teams and have each team compete together on every game to see which team can win the most games

No matter which format you choose, a board game tournament is one of the most fun things to do with friends in winter!

2. Plant trade

When the winter chill starts to hit, it’s always good to bring the outdoors into your space with greenery! That way you still feel connected to nature, plus some houseplants even purify the air!

Instead of spending money on new plants, one of the best things to do on a cold day inside is gather your friends for a plant trade! 

Potted houseplants for a plant swap winter activity with friends

Basically, everyone brings a plant from their personal collection, shows it off to the group, and then finds someone to trade with.

Everyone gets the chance to talk about their plants, find out what plants everyone else likes, and pick out a new plant from a friend! To add to the theme, you can share plant-based snacks and watch a nature documentary with your new plant buddies.

A plant trade is one of the easiest things to do with friends on the weekend, especially in the winter!

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3. Winter Activities with Friends: Tea or cocktail show & tell

Can you think of anything cozier than a kitchen full of friends brewing pots of their favorite teas?

Nothing warms up a winter day better than a hot cup of tea. Or, well, a strong cocktail. 

Whichever way your friend group leans, host a show & tell for everyone’s favorite drink!

Ask everyone to bring the supplies for their tea or cocktail of choice, grab a few fun accessories for the presentation, and have everyone sample the options.

Don’t forget to add pics of the drinks in Connexions!

Once everyone’s warmed up from their beverages, cast votes on your favorite, and give the winner a fun cocktail glass or mug!

The best part? You can have multiple show & tells with different themes and drinks! This is definitely one of the best things to do with friends in winter!

6 colorful soups for a potluck winter activity with friends

4. Soup & sweets potluck

This idea actually started as a fundraiser hosted by my eccentric high school French teacher, but it’s such a fun thing to do with friends in winter!

Each of your friends chooses to bring either a soup or a dessert to your gathering. Then, everyone starts by eating their soup of choice. Once you’re finished, it’s time for the sweets!

While you’re eating, you can watch a movie, play a board game, or have a cozy chat over your hot bowls of soup. No matter what, you’ll definitely feel warmed up after this party!

5. Chili cookoff

Chili can come in so many forms: beans, no-bean, turkey, beef… I’ve even had chili made with m&ms! Btw- that was surprisingly delicious!

A friend group chili cookoff is one of the best things to do on a cold day inside

Here’s how it works:

  1. Everyone brings their favorite chili recipe
  2. Set up an anonymous taste test by numbering each chili
  3. Once all the chilis have been sampled, everyone ranks their top 3
  4. Announce the winners and let them brag while you finish the chili!

When it comes to indoor winter activities for adults, you definitely can’t beat a chili cookoff!

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A picture of clothes and a sign that says Clothes Swap Today for a winter activity with friends

6. Indoor Things to do with Friends in Winter: Clothing swap

Who doesn’t love a winter wardrobe refresh?! 

A friendship clothing swap is a great, no-spend way to purge some old clothes and gain a few new pieces!

Ask everyone to bring a few clothes in good condition they don’t wear anymore, then mix everyone’s clothes together on a couch or bed. FInally, everyone shops the pile for their new favorite wardrobe staples!

A clothing swap is a great indoor winter activity for adults on a budget- and it’s fun!

The winter weather doesn’t have to stop you and your friends from making memories! 6 of the best things to do with friends in winter are a board game tournament, plant trade, drink show & tell, soup & sweets potluck, and chili cook off. Remember, once you’re done with these indoor winter activities for adults, upload all the pictures and memories into Connexions: your digital daybook!

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