Your life & experiences journal.

Create memories, celebrate friendships, and cherish your life’s adventures, all in one place.


Your life & experiences journal.




Connexions are people that make up your life. Remember key details about their lives.

Chapters are journal entries. Any moments or events in our day to day life, big or small.

Group your Connexions and visualize your relationships.

Manage your Chapter feed timeline and watch the days fill up with memories.

Useful tips to take your conversations to the next level.


Connexions are people that make up your life – social, professional, friends, relationships, family, and more. In the app, you can jot down important details about their life, add their locations, and group them into Circles. Over time, you’ll build a journal of life events you shared with your Connexions. 

Import your iOS contacts or add your own Connexions manually.

Jot down important details that you want to remember.

Tag a Connexion (or multiple!) to Chapter journal entries.






Chapters are entries for your life. These can be any moment or event, big or small. Draft a Chapter for hanging out with friends, meeting someone new, a conversation with a Connexion, or for any reason at all! 

Write journal entries, short or long, for any event in your day to day life.

Add in photos or videos to create a long-lasting memory.

Tag the Connexions that you shared this experience with.


Group your Connexions. Create new Circles based on locations, relationships to you, board game friends, tennis buddies, work colleagues, or any way you’d like! Remember your Connexions by how you know them, or from where.

Visualize your relationships by grouping and categorizing your Connexions.

Effortlessly tag Circles to your Chapter journal entries and memorialize your group hang outs.

View and manage all your Connexions in each Circle.






Manage your timeline. Seamlessly switch between your Calendar and Chapter feed, seeing your memories expand over time. Relive your experiences and watch as you & your Connexions’ relationships grow stronger.  

Add photos or videos to the entries in your Calendar.

See a feed of all your Chapters and events each day, and the Connexions you experienced them with.

Pick a date and add new Chapters that you missed, or remember what you were doing that day.


We all want to connect better with friends & family, more than just video chats and text messages. We’ve curated a list of resources to empower your conversations and help friendships and relationships grow stronger. Here’s to a more thoughtful you.  

Get tips for making more interesting conversation and improving your conversational skills.

Resources, strategies, and questions for Professional Networking, First Dates, Small Talk, and more!

Explore our Fun & Random section to spark creativity with your friends!



What are our users saying?

Friendships are the most important thing to me.

With Connexions there’s finally a way to keep track of everyone who matters to me and reminisce on our favorite moments together.


Kimby J.

User since May 2021

Connexions is so easy to use! My memories are now in one place.

Instead of scrolling through social media, I get to spend time looking through the photos and moments that matter the most to me.


Joanna P.

User since February 2021

I love seeing all of my own personal memories!

Connexions is a great and easy way to document all of my favorite stories, photos, and life events so that I never forget!


Mark K.

User since April 2021


Data and Security

If you choose, we can import your iPhone contact directly into Connexions. This does not notify your contacts in any way. This will give you a starting point in the app already so that you don’t need to recreate the data manually (but, you can also choose that if you like). While we import this data, we have absolutely no access to altering or changing anything on your iPhone.

Camera access is used to allow you to take photos directly in Connexions when creating entries. You can also upload photos already taken and do not need to grant camera access.

We keep your data safe by following the leading industry best security practices.  The data is store securely and you can delete it at any time.

Please see our Privacy Policy here.

Yes, the data is backed up continuously on the cloud server. 

Upon signing up, we ask for an email address and password to create your account. At no point in using Connexions are you asked to enter any sensitive data (e.g. credit cards), as any payment processing is performed through Apple. When using Connexions, we track app some location, usage, and device data for analytics purposes but this data cannot personally identify anyone.

Please email and we will assist you with this request!


Premium edition is for those seeking the most out of life! You’ll get unlimited Connexions, Chapters, and Circles. You also get extra storage space when adding photos or videos to your Chapters. Plus, you’ll be the first to use all the new features as they are rolled out before everyone else. See the Premium section for more information. 

Yes! We offer a 30-day free trial. Cancel anytime during that and you will not be charged.

Both! See our Pricing below. Monthly subscriptions are $2.99 and Annual subscriptions are $29.99.


Short answer, no.

Connexions is for personal use, and at the moment there is no interaction with other users. This is by design. As a private and secure personal feed of memories and life experiences, these are for your eyes only. On some popular social media platforms, many people post their photos for others. On Connexions, you post your photos for yourself.

Down the road, Connexions plans on expanding to include some limited social components, such as public Chapters to share experiences or finding events or things to do in your area with other people that are interested in them as well. Stay tuned!

We currently have developed only an iOS app but hope to launch an Android app in the future!

Yes! Give us a follow on Instagram! Our feeds consist of mostly travel & adventure, inspiration & productivity, and the occasional product updates.

We get it. Not everyone will love Connexions. Please email with your request and we will get right on that.

To the moon! But really, our to-do list and feature ideas are without horizons. From events recommendations, mapping and geolocation capabilities, secure social interaction, enhanced user feeds and timelines, and more, we have limitless plans for Connexions. Add your email here to be the first to know!


*Coming September 2021*

Monthly $2.99 or Annual for $29.99 (savings of 16%!)

Connexions Premium is for those seeking the most out of life! What’s included in Premium?

Unlimited Connexions (free users get up to 20 Connexions).

Unlimited Chapters can be drafted (free users get 10 Chapters per month).

Up to 10 photos or videos can be attached to each Chapter entry (free users get 3). More opportunities to capture your newly created memories.

Unlimited Circles (free users get up to 5 Circles). Plus, your Connexions can be added to as many Circles as you want.

Priority support and help. Questions or concerns? Top of the list of our help desk’s responses.


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